Covid Confidence Workshops

Hosted by Darnall Well Being in partnership with Sheffield Community Contact Tracers.  Supported by Sheffield City Council.

Our Approach

We know that talking works.  It helps us make sense of things and to support people to understand how to respond to advice.  If we feel more confident, then others will: understand the risks, be able to recognise symptoms, know what to do about self-isolating, know where to get support to manage it, consider contact tracing etc etc

We have begun a rolling programme of ‘co-training’ – where we share dilemmas, develop ideas for conversations together, and decide how to take action to keep ourselves and other people safe. We hope to create a respectful, compassionate and safe place for people to connect.  Sub-groups may form to work on particular solutions.

screenshot from slides at Covid Confidence workshop 1
Slide from Covid Confidence Workshop 1

Slides from previous workshops are available to download here:

Our first sessions have raised a number of topics for wider discussion and problem solving together, including:

  • How do we communicate with others about Covid? Some people don’t always trust or understand the advice about what to do.
  • How do we allow people to share different perspectives? Discussing with people can be difficult because of different languages, beliefs and personal circumstances.
  • How can we become a trustworthy voice in the community?
  • How do we support people to get tested and to isolate?
  • How do we find practical solutions together?

Future sessions aim to offer solutions, and collaborate on the skills and resources needed.

Sessions are usually on a Wednesday, 11am – 12.30pm. You can take part via a Zoom link. 

We held our first session on Wednesday 30th September, our second on 14th October and our third session on 18th November.

The sessions welcome local people who live, volunteer or work in the area, or are supporting a local project or service in the Darnall Ward. We also welcome representatives from other communities in Sheffield.

If you are thinking about getting involved, or have someone in mind that you think would benefit or would like to contribute their ideas and experiences, please get in touch: /  (0114) 249 6315