Mrs A’s story

Health Trainer Darnall Well Being Case Study
Client: Mrs A, aged 52

Referral source: Practice Nurse

Nature of the health need:

Mrs A lives in Darnall with her family. She is a carer for her son and part time worker. She was referred by the Practice Nurse for support with weight loss and increasing physical activity to manage her health conditions.

She suffered from high blood pressure for more than 20 years and was obese.

Mrs A needed help with:
 Increasing Fruit and vegetable intake.
 Healthy eating and Portion size.
 Eating 3 regular meals especially breakfast.
 Reduce red meat intake.
 Swap high fat diary food to low fat.
 Increase Water intake.
 Increase physical activity.
 Cut down unhealthy Snacks intake.

Change in Behaviour:

With the help of Health Trainer, Mrs A was able to explore her life-style, setting new goals and then reviewing them at the next session. This not only resulted in her making alterations to her diet but also enabled her to have the confidence to apply her knowledge of the disease to her daily life.
Client very motivated to make a change in her lifestyle.
Mrs A achieved her personal health plan goals and made significant changes to her wellbeing, so that she lost 3 stone since she started to see the Health Trainer.
She has achieved small goals, such as :

 Diet-Change, Reduce Portion size (Rice …Carbohydrates).
 Diet –Change, Reduce red meet to once a week according to the portion size.
 Diet-change, eat breakfast regularly.
 Increase fruits up to 2 portions and vegetables by 5 portion a day.
 Increase Water intake up to 2 L a day.
 Increase physical activity by doing more walking (15 min for 3 days) and also swimming 1h x5 days and using different exercise machines in the Gym.

Patient Perspective:

I needed advice, I didn’t know how to approach a healthy lifestyle for that meeting with my Health Trainer allowed me to think about myself and focus on myself and develop so many new skills (understanding Calories, Food labels, Portion size and eat more regular especially breakfast).
 I made a lot of changes, just living a better lifestyle, I can see a future and I have got a plan for the future which involves me looking better and to be healthier.
 I have noticed a big difference in my life as I have started to get my confidence and life back.
 The change in my Diet and increasing my exercise has made a big difference and I could not have done it without health trainer help and support.