Autism Support

Along with other organizations (Firvale Community Hub, Percy Street CIC, SACMHA and Sheffield Voices at Disability Sheffield), we have been selected for our extensive experience in delivering wellbeing and practical support across diverse communities in Sheffield.

Autism support poster

In collaboration with SAANS, Voluntary Action Sheffield (VAS), and The Sheffield Autism Partnership Network (SAPN), a new 6-month pilot project is underway to enhance the experiences of individuals in Sheffield who are on the waiting list for an Autism assessment. This initiative, running from March to August 2024, aims to provide crucial support and advice to improve and maintain the wellbeing of those awaiting diagnosis.

All the organisations involved are committed to making our services accessible and welcoming for Autistic individuals and those experiencing related challenges. Our organizations have also undergone specialized training to better serve this population, including:

  • Understanding benefits and access to work.
  • Recognizing gender differences in Autism.
  • Suicide awareness and prevention.
  • Addressing varied communication needs.

The primary objective of this pilot project is to offer support to anyone in Sheffield who is waiting for a SAANS diagnostic assessment. The focus is on improving overall wellbeing through:

  • Personalized Support: Tailored advice and assistance based on individual needs, regardless of where they are on their diagnostic journey.
  • Wellbeing Improvement: Strategies and resources to help maintain and enhance mental and emotional health during the waiting period.
  • Accessible Services: Ensuring that support services are user-friendly and considerate of the unique needs of Autistic individuals.
  • Finding out and feeding back what support individuals are needing while on the waiting list for autism diagnosis.

The waiting period for an Autism assessment can be a challenging time, filled with uncertainty and stress. By providing dedicated support and resources, this pilot project aims to alleviate some of these challenges and promote a sense of wellbeing and stability for individuals during this critical period.

How to get referred

You can be referred to us by your GP or you can contact us yourself, if you or a family member are on the waiting list for an Autism assessment.

Contact us: (Put Autism Support in the Subject Heading) or call 0114 249 6315.

What to Expect

Participants can expect comprehensive support that addresses various aspects of their lives, from mental health and wellbeing to practical issues like benefits and employment. The organizations involved are well-equipped with the knowledge and training to offer effective, compassionate support.

At Darnall Well Being this may involve conversations about what to expect in the diagnostic process, sign posting to support relevant in Sheffield, referral to one of the other organisations in the project (eg Autism Plus for employment issues), and also extra support to join Darnall Well Being activities (like us letting the worker at the group know to expect the individual and alerting them to support needs (e.g. a quiet area).