Social Prescribing

We work with the Seven Hills Primary Care Network in providing a social prescribing Link Worker service across five surgeries – Darnall Primary Care Centre, Highgate Tinsley Surgery, Tinsley Medical Centre, Darnall Health Centre and Handsworth Medical Practice.

Social prescribing can support people to access and find out about a range of different things in Darnall and Tinsley, but also across the city, such as:

  • Physical activity sessions
  • Services for support to eat healthily
  • Activities to improve mood and help feel more positive
  • Find out work or training opportunities
  • Activities to help meet new people and make friends
  • Help with finding out what is happening in the local area.

Our Link Workers will spend time with a person on a one to one basis, either face to face or over the phone, to understand what their wants and needs are, and help to turn that into a plan. Link Workers can also refer a person on for additional support, if needed.

After the initial appointment, our staff will then keep in contact, to see how the person is doing and if there is anything else they may need support with.

We have had some really positive results through the use of social prescibing. A lot of clients feel that their success is due to being able to make changes gradually, without time pressures and taking into account their own specific circumstances and needs. They also appreciate that the Heath Trainer has one to one time for them, and can offer a flexible service, offering different appointment times to fit in with the realities of life.

Ask your GP (in Darnall and Tinsley) to refer you by asking for a referral to Darnall Well Being. Or you can self refer by calling our office (0114 249 6315).