Mr C’s story

Link Worker Referral Case Study

Client: Mr C, aged 56

Referral Source: Physiotherapist

Nature of Health Need:

Mr C is housebound through disability. A physiotherapist visiting Mr C suggested that a high seating chair would be beneficial for him due to his condition, but it was impossible to get it on the NHS, as it didn’t fit the “medicalised item” criteria.

What Did We Do?

The physio contacted our Link Worker, who then contacted Mr C to gather more information about his situation. After all the facts were gathered, an application was submitted to local charity fund 500Together for assistance with money to buy the chair for Mr C. The application was successful, and the money was quickly transferred to the client so that he could purchase the chair.

The Link Worker also signposted Mr C’s wife to a local Citizen’s Advice session to get support with a benefits review.

What Changed as a Result?

Since getting the chair, Mr C is able to get out of bed frequently and sit in the chair, to relax and spend time with his children and his wife. He is feeling happier and feel better in himself, as he has now got the option to get out of bed without it causing him trouble with his health.

Patient Perspective

Mr C greatly appreciates the support that DWB has provided through the grant and also through signposting. He is looking forward to warm weather, when he will be able to sit in the sunshine in his room.