Darnall Well Being Staff and Trustees

Darnall Well Being Team

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DWB team and our countries of birth

Our team has a combined total of over 130 years working for Darnall Well Being. Between us, we were born in 10 different countries and we speak 14 different languages.

Our Casual Workers, who support our group activities

Our Trustees

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Dr Janet Harris, DWB trustee

Dr Janet Harris

Acting Chair

Janet is a public health professional who has worked in the field of community organisation for over 30 years.

photo of Jack Czauderna, DWB founder
Jack Czauderna, DWB founder

Jack Czauderna

Jack has been a family doctor for most of his working life. He was a GP in Darnall for nearly 30 years and founded Darnall Well Being over 20 years ago. Jack remains very influenced by the famous ‘Peckham Experiment’ (1935 – 1950) into the nature of health, and felt that it was not enough to treat disease and care for the sick, but that primary care should also have a responsibility for the health of the communities it serves. He was the Chair of Darnall Well Being for a long time, and it has grown and developed to meet the needs of its communities. Jack feels privileged to remain a DWB trustee.

photo of Sheila Manclark, DWB trustee
Sheila Manclark, DWB trustee

Sheila Manclark

Sheila is Head of Service for Darnall Dementia Group, which provides day care and carers support, and a trustee of Darnall Well-Being. She is a Social Worker by profession, and as well as having an interest in promoting person centred community support for people living with dementia, she also has an interest in staff development and support. Sheila offers supervision to staff delivering the dementia element of the People Keeping Well contract, and also supports the Chief Executive.

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Rev Gina Kalsi

Gina Kalsi

Gina is a priest in the Church of England and is living in Attercliffe, as part of a new Christian community in the area.  She is interested in spiritual wellbeing using mindfulness and meditation and is passionate about using creativity and art to develop community and build cohesion.

Mark Gamsu

Mothiur Rahman

Riyam Shaief Al-Khaily

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