Our volunteers are local residents who are engaged, trained and supported to promote positive health messages and inspire and help their friends, families, neighbours and colleagues to lead healthier lifestyles. We have over 25 active volunteers at any one time.

Photo of volunteers and staff at Darnall Well Being holding certificates from Dementia Silver Award training
Volunteers and staff at Darnall Well Being at the completion of their Dementia Silver Award training

Examples of the activities that volunteers may deliver include:

  • Promoting health messages to the people, groups and organisations they are involved with
  • Providing informed support to their families and friends
  • Delivering brief interventions to support people from their communities in making healthier choices
  • Organising activities that provide people with the skills and knowledge to live healthier lives
  • Providing peer support to people to help them make and maintain healthy choices
  • Supporting groups and activities
  • Helping to identify the health needs of their communities
  • Identifying how those needs can be better met

Please note to be a volunteer you have to be over 18 years of age.

Contact us about volunteering opportunities!