Black Lives Matter

Darnall Well Being –  Our Stance on Tackling Racism and Inequalities

June 2020

By working with you – the community we serve, our staff, volunteers, trustees and partners locally and across the city, we want to take action against racism and inequalities and become a more equal community.

As an organisation, we know we must do more to address this, and we must do it better.

We are committed to:

  • Explicitly state our commitment to challenge racism in our society
  • Make a sustained effort to ensure this is entwined and in the ongoing fabric of the culture and values of Darnall Well Being, now and in the future
  • Look at how we are able to broaden our reach and diversify who attends our activities and services
  • Discuss at a senior level how we achieve more diverse representation on our Board of trustees, to match the diversity of our team and area
  • Maintain and grow a mix of representative voices
  • Continue to tackle the ongoing inequalities that lies within our communities
  • Listen to the voices of local people in order to learn and connect with their context and experiences.  In turn, this will inform and shape our approach and services
  • Acknowledge and respect our differences, whilst embracing unity