Diabetes Peer Support Group

Our peer support groups in Darnall and Tinsley meet regularly to give advice and support to people living with diabetes.

Each meeting, the groups look at a different topic and provide support and encouragement to each other. Recent subjects have included:

  • Managing Diabetes during Ramadan
  • General information about Diabetes – what it is and how to manage the condition
  • Healthy eating
  • Stroke awareness
  • Cancer awareness

In the diabetes group I’ve learnt about caring for my feet, about diabetes in general and about sugars in food from a dietician. I’ve also been on a Desmond Course which I wouldn’t have been too.
The diabetes Group has opened my eyes that you have to take care of your medication and yourself. I wasn’t taking my statins before going to the diabetes group but now I understand better that it is important to take my medication consistently. I’ve learnt to have a healthy balance of food and to only have certain things in moderation. I take much better care of myself. – Diabetes Group participant