Sayrish – Life during Lockdown

Sayrish volunteers with DWB as a Digital Wellbeing Champion, and wrote a blog piece for us about her experience of life during lockdown.

photo of Sayrish standing in front of a wall of pink flowers
Sayrish, a DWB Digital Wellbeing Champion

Despite disruptions to our daily routine, quarantine has had a positive impact, as I’ve been able to discover new activities, such as daily workouts and online livestream fitness classes, including Joe Wicks’ exercise routine. Physical activity can help de-stress and uplift your mood whilst spending a long time indoors, and can enable you to sleep better. Although I enjoy comfort eating, I’ve discovered new cultural recipes to stay healthy, as well as online courses such as nutrition in understanding how food affects your body, mind and health, alongside other interesting topics via Future Learn. Some days I enjoy watching my favourite TV shows, virtual meetings with friends on Zoom, decluttering my room by removing unnecessary items and dedicating my time to learning new languages such as Arabic. To avoid too much screen time, I recommend reading books and going for long walks in the park to enjoy the lovely scenery.