Roma Community Support

Thanks to the trust that she has built in the Roma community during her time working with us, Lucie Ward, one of our Community Development Workers, has been working closely with Dr Owen Parker and Olga Fuseini from the University of Sheffield on the challenges faced by Roma communities in navigating the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS). They have organised workshops, including at Darnall Well Being, to inform the local Roma community about EUSS. Lucie, Owen and Olga have also been working with Sheffield City Council in relation to various current and ongoing challenges faced by Roma people.

In addition, Lucie has worked with the University of Sheffield on a series of information resources on EUSS, and has made them all easily accessible in a padlet here:

In early April 2024, we collaborated with the University to run a workshop for Roma community members from Darnall and Tinsley. Ten people from different local families attended, and were enthusiastic in participating in conversations, learning more about EUSS resources and support. They can now share what they have learned onwards with others in the local Roma communities, empowering people to understand and manage their own EU settled status.

Owen has recently shared Lucie’s extensive knowledge and insights with the EU delegation in London, as well as with national charities advocating on behalf of Roma (such as the Roma Support Group) and EU citizens (such as the3million and Here for Good). This work has contributed to broader campaigning efforts aimed at achieving practical changes to EUSS. 

The feedback Owen gave us about Lucie’s involvement just shows how important the links are that she has built and continues to maintain:

“Lucie’s vital work and extensive knowledge of the practical difficulties encountered by the Roma community in relation to EUSS has been invaluable in helping us to shape a set of recommendations that, if implemented, would make it much easier for vulnerable Roma EU citizens to apply for and use their status in the UK.”    

Owen Parker