Are you winter lockdown ready?

As the days get shorter and we approach the second national lockdown, we wanted to share some thoughts on how we can all prepare for coping with this as well as possible.

Colourful pie chart containing ideas for preparing for winter
Ideas for preparing for winter lockdown

Our Volunteer worker, Sarah, created the beautiful wheel of ideas above – why not see if you can do something for each colour on the wheel?

Self care Suggestions

photo of sunshine on fields and trees
High Hazels Park walk in the sunshine

Here are a few thoughts from us here at Darnall Well Being on handling lockdown number 2:

You got through the first one – you can get through this one

Reflect and learn from your experiences last time

With winter mornings and evenings, it will feel tougher, so try and take a break and get some sunlight whilst you can.

This won’t last forever, even if it feels like it right now.

It’s totally normal to feel anxious or sad, no matter what your circumstances

Be kind to yourself

Winter Preparation

To help everyone make sure they are ready for the colder weather, Ahsan, one of our fabulous volunteers, has helpfully put together this little booklet with ideas of things to do to get ready for winter.

Remember that Darnall Well Being are still here for you

Email, phone 0114 249 6315 or text/call: 07946 320 808 for any of the following:

  • Covid Community Hub – offering telephone advice and information
  • Regular wellbeing phone calls and doorstep visits where possible, for those that need it the most
  • Regular activity packs through the post
  • Regular (Zoom) conference calls for our volunteers – with the prospect of more opportunities to connect online for our group members before long.
  • Link Workers can still offer one to one support for people with long-term conditions like diabetes and chronic pain management, help with improving physical and mental wellbeing, as well as signposting to other services where needed.

New Ways November

And finally, you could use this month to try out some new ways of looking at things, using the calendar below from Action for Happiness – see what a difference it could make to how you feel!

Calendar of positive ideas for November 2020
Action for Happiness – New Ways November Calendar