500Together Donation Helps Local People

We were fortunate enough to be nominated for a donation by Sheffield-based charity 500Together at the end of April 2020, and wanted to put it to good use helping local people who we knew were struggling during Covid-19. We decided to match fund the donation, so that we had £500 in total to share with the community. So we asked our staff, who are in regular contact with members of the community, to nominate families and individuals who they felt could really benefit from a Tesco gift card during this difficult time.

photo of Tesco giftcards and DWB complimens slips
Giftcards bought with the 500Together donation

We sent out gift cards to 8 families and 4 individuals, and have had some heartwarming feedback and thanks from the recipients:

I thank the donors and all staff who helped the voucher to be dispatched. We are grateful we feel that are not left behind.

Individual on low income

, the £50 Voucher its make a difference financially  , we bought things which we wish to get it before  , Thanks a lot for the donor . 

Family recently arrived in UK, with a baby due

The voucher was very helpful as my benefits were stopped 6 weeks ago, so I appreciate it.  Helpful to me and my 5 children as a single parent.  I have been finding it hard to prepare food and going out to buy stuff so I really appreciate the token and thank you and Darnall Well Being for support.

Single parent with 5 children

Don’t know what I would have done otherwise. A big thank you DWB for the lovely gift – words cannot express my feelings.

Single parent who has had a number of illnesses

It made difference in our life so that we could buy more food. For the children, while they are at  home eating more food all the time, it gives them a little extra treat.

Family on low income benefits