Men’s Health Group

Darnall Well Being has developed a unique men’s session, which includes a light exercise session, a healthy lunch and a talk topic. The talk topic is an interactive part of the day, where everybody can ask questions and share their experiences.

Men standing around the edges of a meeting room, with their arms spread out. One man is sitting in a wheelchair.
Men’s Health Group exercising together

The exercises in the session can be practised within the home and empower other members of the family who don’t attend. After the workout, members are invited to eat a light lunch of sandwiches and snacks together. Concluding the session, staff deliver valuable information on a range of topics, such as healthy eating.

Men’s Health group meets every 2 weeks on Thursdays in Darnall. Contact us for more information and to book your place.

Meeting room of men standing and seated together around a table
Men's Health indoor golf
Group of men seated in a meeting room, all holding colourful exercise bands stretched out above their heads.
Group of men seated around a large table in a meeting room, with 2 men standing at the end of the table. All are looking towards the camera.

Client testimonial

I think this is a great idea, which helped me really to eat healthy and to watch everything I eat through the rest of the week. I am absolutely delighted to be one of the people who benefits from this great help and service which actually turned my views and habits about food upside down. The healthy food provided in this lunch club won’t be anything without the spirit of the staff behind this great job, they are very friendly, very helpful and they have inspired me and my two friends who attend with me to regularly follow a healthy diet forever, we all enjoy it very much. Big thank you for everyone behind the lunch club. – Tariq Elkhalifa, Hisham Idris, Siddiq Elhilow.

Community Mental Health Worker testimonial:

I referred my 65yr old, male client to DWB – he lives on his own and experiences low mood and is socially isolated. He attended their Men’s Group as this was based in the community near his home and was also culturally appropriate. DWB worked closely with me to encourage him to attend the group, offered to collect him from his home and sent him text reminders.

As this client was clinically depressed, isolated and hard of hearing these were vital factors that helped engaged the client. The joint work with DWB has contributed in helping this client maintain good mental health and help him make steps towards improving his quality of life.

In March 2024, local GP Dr Farrell joined Men’s Health Group and here’s what he had to say about his experience:

The quick witted nature and frequent banter from the Men’s Health Group made for a very entertaining session. Alfred’s ease at facilitating discussions around health and well-being, along with his motivational manner in encouraging us all to participate in accessible exercises was great to see. The complex health problems of some of the participants means that these sessions are often the only opportunities they get to interact socially and physically with others in their community. 

Dr Farrell, GP