Ahsan – Volunteering with DWB

Ahsan has volunteered with us for several years, and wrote a blog piece here about her experience of being with us.

Photo of volunteer Ahsan
Ahsan has volunteered with DWB for several years

I started volunteering with Darnall Wellbeing during a college placement. I thoroughly enjoyed the placement year and was given the opportunity to stay with DWB as a volunteer. I took part in different training courses which gave me the development skills to become a ‘health champion’ and ‘helping hand’. With this upgrade I was able to take part in different areas of volunteering within the community.

I had a lot of group work to take part in as well as plenty one-to-one work with clients. This helped me develop my confidence skills drastically, as well as team work skills. Progressing as a volunteer, I am now able to plan, deliver and lead nutrition/health sessions to specific groups in the community. 4 years ago I would not have had the courage to do this or ask for the opportunity.

I really love working with the staff members at DWB – they are all very welcoming and approachable. I would recommend anyone to volunteer with DWB, especially if you want to develop your own personal skills or if you would like to join some activities when you have free time. There is something for everybody.