Volunteer Viewpoint – Sue Griffiths

photo of people wearing masks, carrying boxes of food
Sue Griffiths (far left), with others from DWB on the Healthy Holidays project

It has been great to be part of the Healthy Holidays project
with DWB. After being in lockdown since March it was my
first contact with the public and also DWB’s first face to
face project. I played a part in the distribution of hampers
by welcoming families, ensuring social distancing and
sanitising were rules were followed, and face coverings
were worn. Being part of a small team of volunteers,
working with Shide, gave me the opportunity to see the
dedication and care DWB give to volunteers, as well as to
service users. I’ve always known this, as I have been
involved with DWB for many years and benefited from their
training and opportunities. Working on the project, has not
only helped me to overcome my own health restrictions,
but helping the most vulnerable families in the community,
working alongside other volunteers, has been an important
first step for everyone involved; a shared experience in
these strange times. New friends have been made, new
skills learned, and I look forward to the next steps with