Art Therapy in partnership with Sheffield Mind

In autumn 2020, Sheffield Mind reached out to us at Darnall Well Being with an idea to bring a number of people together safely, in a weekly Art Therapy group.

artwork from art therapy course
Art from one of the sessions

Sessions took place on Zoom, run by Paula Rolston, an art therapist from Sheffield Mind, supported by Sarah from DWB. The group ran for 8 weeks and the art-making exercises enabled the participants to express, explore together, and understand some of their emotions at a challenging time. Each group member used simple drawing materials from home, having these ‘at the ready’ each week.

How it worked

After the initial warm-up or check-in, participants would reflect on a given theme through art-making. Microphones were muted, and around 20 minutes were spent ‘together on screen’, quietly drawing or painting. The themes of connection, identity, self-care and hope were explored throughout the course. Following the art-making each week, members would share their work on screen, reflecting upon its meaning for them. People spoke of home, of loss and precious memories. They spoke of how the pandemic had impacted upon them, and they connected with one another sharing words of encouragement and advice on self-care.

Artwork from the sessions

We had some great feedback from the course

This was a highlight and refuge for me.

I found the confidence to draw, something I didn’t think I could do. Expressing my feelings through art was completely new to me. I discovered that if you draw something you miss, it brings you relief. It helps you understand your feelings about that thing.

I’d like to say that art therapy does not stop here for me.  Now I know what to do if I want to reduce my stress level and how to relax. I am going to use it with my 2 boys who have difficulty controlling their anger.

I was encouraged by a friend to join the group. I’d been at a low point, sad, anxious and in a bad mood. Participating in the group changed my mood.

I loved this course so much; will there be another? Especially now during this coronavirus pandemic when I need to socialise. To encourage me and to help me learn new things.

My message of hope for me and my friends here is that there is light at the end of the tunnel…… Don’t give up.

We hope to be able to run more Art Therapy sessions with Sheffield Mind in 2021.

Please contact us if you would like to join in future.