Long Covid Support

What is Long Covid?

Long Covid is a condition which refers to people who experience symptoms for longer than expected after the initial illness. Most people recover well after 3-10 weeks, but it is believed that one in ten people have experienced symptoms of Long Covid, lasting for months.

Long Covid can affect you in many ways, including extreme tiredness after little activity, fatigue, shortness of breath, muscle weakness, difficulties with concentration or memory, or feeling less able to be physically active. You may find Long Covid has affected your ability to undertake day-to-day tasks, manage at home or work, or continue sports. Some people find their symptoms gradually improve over time, others can experience relapses in their symptoms which can be frustrating and disheartening.

Self Care and Long Covid

There are helpful resources on how to manage your recovery from these websites:



Long Covid Support website, including videos from AWRC.

Long Covid Support in Sheffield

The Sheffield Post Covid Rehab Hub covers all of Sheffield. Patients have to be over 18, have a GP surgery and be experiencing symptoms 12 weeks + post Covid. You need to be referred to the Rehab Hub; all GP surgeries have the referral form and information to do this. There is more information about the Rehab Hub here: https://sheffieldhospitalscoronavirus.co.uk/patient-support.html

What We Know About Long Covid Recovery

We are not yet sure why some people experience Long Covid and others do not; it can affect previously highly fit people as well as those with lower fitness and other conditions.

Did you know that DWB worked with our partners at the Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre on an innovative project to learn more about Long Covid?

arial photo of Sheffield Hallam University AWRC building and surroundings
Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre

We are learning about how to support people with Long Covid from early research and from the best practices for other fatigue conditions and post-viral syndromes.

The Long Covid Virtual Clinic with AWRC

To help improve understanding about the ways that people recover from and manage Long Covid, we worked with AWRC in running a Virtual Clinic for local people who were living with Long Covid. The virtual clinic enabled people to meet a group of specialists in medicine, sport medicine and rehabilitation, who offered an on-line consultation to understand patient needs, and then helped to support recovery.

The Long Covid team have knowledge about helping people recover from Long Covid and other long-term illnesses that cause fatigue. Using their awareness associated with sport and exercise medicine, a multidisciplinary team helped local people with Long Covid to make the first steps towards recovery. They did this by finding approaches that were acceptable to each individual, meeting individual needs.