Health Walks

Darnall Well Being health walks started in 2001 as a pilot scheme. People with various medical conditions were given social prescriptions and were referred via their GP or through the Darnall Well Being social prescriber.

Health Walk in High Hazels Park

There is a choice of walks to cater to all levels of ability and they are free to attend.
Come along and meet new people and make friends and take that first step in adapting a healthier lifestyle.

Walks typically last from 30 minutes to an hour, if you can’t manage a walk for 30 minutes initially don’t worry, we’ll start where you are at and help you progress week by week guided by our qualified walk leaders.

We do weekly walks in Darnall and Tinsley and also Women Only walks.

Quotes from members of the women’s walking group:

Walking is a great way for women to get together and enjoy the fresh air. Social factor side it’s a great way to make friends meet new people, share ideas. It’s an opportunity to get out of the house if you are lonely and depressed at home and get healthier.

Since started exercising/walking feels a lot better, lot more active. Gives me chance to get out of house as totally isolated and felt lonely. Helps my health to be better and gives opportunity to live a healthy lifestyle.

I come to the Women Only walk because I wanted to lose some weight and also to be healthy also to meet new friends and have good times to talk to them and I really enjoy it.